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Online Course: The Art of Managing Decisions
  • Lectures                13
  • Video                      35 Minutes
  • Includes                 Lifetime Access
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Course Description
Through a series of lectures, slides, and a workshop led by one of LRI's senior consultants, this course will teach you how to effectively manage decisions. You will learn how to...
  • Design an effective decision-making process
  • Delegate effectively
  • Balance the desire to get everyone's input with the need to make decisions quickly
  • Help other people make better decisions
Course Overview
  • 1: Course Objectives Overview
  • 2: Decision Making and Management
  • 3: The Decision Management Portfolio
  • 4: Autocratic Decisions 
  • 5: Consultative Decisions 
  • 6: Consensus Decisions 
  • 7: Delegated Decisions 
  • 8: Democratic Decisions
  • 9: Nested Decisions
  • 10: Nested Decisions Example
  • 11: Quiz - Decision Making Scenarios
  • 12: Summary and Final Thoughts
  • 13: Bonus - Three Steps to Flawless Decisions
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