Video #1: The BIG Secret...
Video #2: Identifying Styles...
Video #3: Modifying Styles...
Video #4: The Workshop...
Video #3: Modifying Communication Styles
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Speaking to Each Style
The Rule of the Center
Potential Group Weaknesses
Straight Talk® Testimonials
"The single most potent tool for achieving high levels of 
organizational learning is better conversation. Straight Talk® 
is a clear map to richer conversation about important subjects."  
–William O’Brien, President
 Hanover Insurance Companies
"Straight Talk® is a must for any organization that wants and 
needs productive conversation to reach issue resolution." 
–David Brugger, President  
   America’s Public Television Stations
"We experienced a real change in the way we do planning and resolve 
problems. Looking back, I wonder why we didn’t do this before."  
–James H. Clark, Publisher
University of California Press
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